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Irrational Markets # 15 - Understanding mechanical trading with Gary Stone


Keith chats to Gary Stone of ShareWealthSystems.com about using mechanical trading as a strategy and as ones trading edge.

Gary has been designing mechanical trading systems for seventeen years and has systems for the Australian, South African and American markets and considers the biggest benefit being the removal of emotion from ones trading.

The first celebratory mechanical traders were the Turtle Traders in the 1980's and since then there has been a boom in mechanical trading with high frequency trading (HFT) being the latest craze in the space.

Keith gets to grips with what mechanical trading is? How does it give the trader an edge? What are the advantages and disadvantages and what's the long term future of mechanical trading? And of course, most importantly, does it work and what sort of returns are possible?

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Irrational Markets # 15 - Understanding mechanical trading with Gary Stone (download/listen)

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