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JSEDirect 139 - The private security economy and results

In this weeks show Simon chats the FinWeek cover story (The private security economy by Tandisizwe Mahlutshana), results from Accéntuate, Ascendis Health and Brimstone and catches up with another FinWeek bootcamp candidate.

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JSEDirect 118 - Boere Billionaires, Top Brokers and S&P500

Simon chats the FinWeek cover (Boere Billionaires by Bruce Whitfield), results from Accentuate, another election victory for Ms EU (Angela Merkel), top stock broker and the S&P500.

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JSEDirect 108 - Abil, Leon Kirkinnis and trading as a business

Simon chats to Marc Ashton on two FinWeek stories (Down but not disAbil’d and Fraud - The view inside the belly of the beast), trading as a business, Accentuate, Samsung, The Investment Checklist by Michael Sheam and National Savings Month.

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JSEDirect 89 - 5 killer shares for 10 years

Simon chats the FinWeek cover (5 killer shares for 10 years by Bruce Whitfield) results from Pinnacle and Accentuate, currency futures and Get a Total Money Makeover by David Ramsey and Maya Fisher-French.

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JSEDirect 70 - Information shift and stock broker of the year

Simon chats the FinWeek cover (Information shift by Simon Dingle), results from Poynting and Accentuate as well as to Corrie de Bruyn of PSG Online - the winner of the Business Day Investors Monthly stock broker of the year.

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JSEDirect 55 - New BEE Battle, ANS CEO, ACE water deal and market at new highs

In Episode 55 Simon chats FinWeek cover (New BEE Battle), ANS CEO departure, ACE water JV and market at all time highs.

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JSEDirect #39 - Back to boring - Budget & investing, SA Luxury Association and results from ACE, RLF and SVB

In episode #39 Simon chats; FinWeek cover story (Back to boring), SA Luxury and results from; ACE, SVB & RLF

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