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JSEDirect 145 - JSE's 10 most forgotten shares and know your ETF

In this weeks show Simon chats the FinWeek cover (The JSE's 10 most forgotten shares by Tandisizwe Mahlutshana and Simon Brown), the investment case fro ARB Holdings, results from Datacentrix and Phumelela and Exchange Traded Funds - "What's InSide Is What You Get".

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JSEDirect 136 - Money Life Hacks, results and books

In this weeks show Simon chats to FinWeek editor Marc Ashton on their cover (Life hacks for ANY money personality), results from ARB Holdings, Supwer Group and Italtile, FinWeek Bootcamp with Donovan Adams and two books in Bookends (Predictably Irrational by Dan Arielly and The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson).

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JSEDirect 112 - Cape wine to Peru, Top40 to 42,420 and ETF RA's

This week Simon chats FinWeek cover (From Cape Town to Cusco: A South African wine’s journey to Peru), Top40 potential 10% upside with Moxima Gama, a new ETF styled Retirement Annuity (RA) from ETFSA, ARB Holdings results and bookends with Garth Mackenzie (Why I left Goldman Sachs by Greg Smith and The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort). Link for the week is Nine Surprising Things Jesse Livermore Said.

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JSEDirect 87 - Most important financial article and where to start trading

This week Simon chats the FinWeek cover (The most important financial article you will ever read), results from ARB Holdings and where to start your trading? Link for the week is - One Bad trade.

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JSEDirect 64 - Hooked on debt, results galore and property

Simon chats FinWeek cover (Hooked on debt, are you being lured into financial ruin? by Bruce Whitfield), results from ARB, ITE & ADI, property boom and trading gaps.

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JSEDirect for 15 Feb - Career mis-match, market comments, ITE and ARB results

In episode #37 we chat FinWeek cover story, ARB & ITE results and market commentary with Gerbrand Smit

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JSEDirect for 02 Nov 11 - Bank charges, PSV, CIL, ARB and IQG

In episode 25 for 02 November 2011 we chat to: Marc Ashton on Banking charges,CIL, PSV, IQG on results and ARB on a recent deal.

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