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JSEDirect 78 - SA’s Five worst CEO jobs

Simon chats to Marc Ashton on FinWeek cover story (SA’s Five worst CEO jobs by Bruce Whitfield) results from Arrowhead Properties and new incarnation Sherbourne Capital. Trader Talk Simon covers Single Stock Futures and the link for the week is 50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing.

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JSEDirect 60 - Triathlons, Quanto futures and ELI results

Simon chats the FinWeek cover (Triathlon, a nascent SA industry on the run), Ellies results, new Quanto futures and the evolution of a trader.

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JSEDirect #47 - CPT vs. JHB, BWI and SKJ results and new futures expiry

In episode #47 Simon chats; FinWeek cover story (CPT vs. JHB), BWI, SKJ and commodity futures

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