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JSEDirect 117 - Franchising, New Fed Chair and Trading Skills

Simon chats the FinWeek cover (Franchising: A business opportunity set for success), results from Clover and Pan African Resources, Ben Bernanke, will his departure change anything and was he any good? In Trader Talk, trading is a skill, we need to spend time learning that skill.

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JSEDirect 106 - Mandela tourism and PMI

Simon chats two FinWeek stories (Mandela’s golden tourism touch Brian Hayward and Are gamers the ultimate target market by Kristia van Heerden), where to for gold, results from Hudaco, Pan African Resources new tailing plant, understanding PMI, Traders Trophy and investing into Africa.

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JSEDirect for 14 September 2011 - Pan Africa, Ceramic and EOH

Chatting results with CRM CEO Nick Booth and EOH & PAN results with Keith Mclachlan from Thebe Stockbrokering

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